Usewise is custom solution platform designed by Miadria Group. It is a multi-cloud platform that helps companies move to the cloud easily and seamlessly.

Before digging deeper in its core, let us first tell you more about the team who created it.

Cloud Broker & Business IT Consulting

Change Management

Miadria Group team of certified experts located locally (Houston, TX, Croatia and Serbia) and available globally helps companies earn more by using new technologies to improve their business processes in the fields from office productivity, digital transformation to business intelligence and IoT.

Modern solutions in the cloud help companies simplify their business, enable digital transformation and drive internal innovation. Your business processes can seize the power of the cloud and even simple change can help you to become faster in launching new products, get faster in setting up your operations in new markets and you can get that cutting edge over the competition.

Miadria Group is vendor and platform agnostic and we will help with technical deployment, project management will keep the project in check and always under three months thanks to our unique methodology, change management will make sure that employees adapt easily and our developers will customize solutions to fit you perfectly.

Use the power of the cloud Use the power of the cloud

Move your data center to the cloud Iaa model and get reliable and cost-efficient backup and data disaster recovery and computing power available when you need it. Cloud networking enables you to monitor your network and manage devices from one place. Build new applications, integrate and automate processes in the cloud. Sounds like a lot—let us know your needs and we will figure out the way to do it.

Communication, productivity & CRM Communication, productivity & CRM

Communicate and collaborate across the company on all locations and devices. Organize and automate business processes across all interactions—marketing, sales, and customer service for reduced time and cost and increase in your profitability. Miadria delivers industry-leading productivity and CRM solutions in the cloud for SMB and large companies.

Business intelligence Business intelligence

Cloud can help you use the data available outside of your organization to connect to your internal data and get you that precise information you were missing. Forget about expensive storage and systems that are hard to upgrade—cloud will get you all the analytical insight that you need and we can integrate it with your local data center as needed.

Smart Analytics & IOT Smart Analytics & IOT

Leverage real-time store monitoring, reporting, and intelligence to perfect store, maximize sales and delight shoppers. Measure competitive landscape to make informed commercial decisions and achieve top-line growth. And finally—use physical devices to collect a vast amount of information and monitor us and our surroundings, our manufacturing plants and warehouses.


By Partners

Miadria Group has extensive long-term partnerships with major world’s Cloud vendors. We can help you design, develop and maintain high-level of enterprise-ready solutions offered by our partners.

Office Productivity

Office Productivity
Google, Microsoft


Google, Microsoft, AWS


Cisco Meraki, TP-Link

By Miadria Group

In addition to solutions by our partners, we can proudly showcase our own custom solution platform UseWise, tailored just for your company’s environment and needs.

UseWise is a multi-cloud platform that helps companies move to the cloud easily and seamlessly. Multi-country and multi-cloud solved in an easy manner from one place with solutions from the largest global public cloud providers.

UseWise Vision

UseWise Vision

Free customers to use multiple public clouds with unified billing and management accompanied with unique usewise applications.

UseWise Multicloud

UseWise Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud solutions allow you to have the ability to mix and match various cloud based solutions and never worry about the vendor lock in.

UseWise Solutions

UseWise Solutions

Finance and workflow solutions, various added features that allow you to expand value of existing services in the cloud. Constant innovation in UseWise brings you new ideas all the time.

UseWise Automation

UseWise Automation

Automation of work processes and deployment, unified billing for all your needs in the cloud. Innovate using one click deployment to deploy new services in your organization.